Activism T-Shirt

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This shirt was created from a growing desire to turn our attentions from what is commonly called the “resistance”—a group and movement being in opposition to something (or everything!) towards activism and advocacy--being whole-heartedly and unabashedly FOR something. Energetically, this is a very important distinction. Most of us have a hard time staying in resistance—but we can stay in creation, advocacy, and activism forever!

As activists what kind of world is it that we wish to create? What are our important issues? We must allow our voices (and votes!) to be heard—and heard loudly!

Available in both men's and women's sizes. Men’s sizes are available in light grey, and royal blue. Women’s sizes are available in light pink and teal. Women please note-order one size larger than normal, the women's sizes run small. Please see the sizing chart below.  We include a free Sanctuary Citizen bumper sticker with every order!

Your purchase supports immigrant rights.