Art Prints

Modern serigraphy and art screen printing is enjoying a resurgence of interest. Our own paper print project has been in the works for a long time and we’re excited to be finally able to bring them to you! We are offering limited edition art prints, signed and numbered by the artist, and printed on high quality acid-free Strathmore papers.  

Screen printed art differs from apparel printing in a number of ways. Water-based inks are used (instead of oil) and these inks are more difficult to control. A single ink color is printed for the full print run and each individual print must be set aside to dry. Once it’s ready, the print must be re-registered on the press before the next color can be printed. It’s a time and labor intensive project—but quite honestly--it’s a labor of love.

After many hours of design, refinement, and pre-press work, to pull the first finished prints from the press is an absolute miracle!



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