The Only Thing That May Make a Difference

Sanctuary Citizen went to the Mayday March last week. And the event was powerful. It was reported to us by the police that there were a hundred thousand people there on the streets of Los Angeles. And I don’t believe that the police would have a reason to inflate the numbers.

But you know what, in a way it doesn’t matter how many people were there. We were surprised and disappointed that there was not more media coverage about the L.A. Mayday March. But there are so many protests, about so many different issues, that in a way it all becomes meaningless. And if fact, the administration seems to take these protests now as an affirmation that they are doing things right.

And this is not to discount the importance of group protest, especially as a way to connect with like-minded souls and to find ways to build coalitions between resistance affinity groups.

But there’s literally only one way we can seriously put a stop to what is going down, and that is to win back the House of Representatives.

In just eighteen months, the 2018 midterm elections will be upon us, and thanks to Trump’s behavior, we have an excellent chance to win back the House, in spite of Republican gerrymandering.

But even before the midterms, there are the “specials elections” being held to fill vacancies held by Trump appointees. These are so important—as bellweather contests that will demonstrate the depth of our passion to push back against the current political agenda.

But it’s not going to be easy. The Republicans are going to spend every penny they have, and they will use every trick in the book to cling to power.

So we have to fight back as hard as we can. And part of that fight is to support Democratic candidates with donations.


We must win these elections.

Donate to Jon Ossoff’s June 20th Georgia runoff here.

Donate to Rob Quist’s May 25th Montana election here.

Read a really great New York Magazine article about the midterms here.

It’s the only thing that may make a difference.

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