Alt-America, The Two-State Solution

Alt-America Sanctuary Citizen has been silent for some time. Perhaps we share the experience of many other people in this country. There was a rush of anti-Trump fervor for the first several months of the new administration, and an excitement regarding the size and vitality of the “resistance.” But more recently there has been a slide into a quagmire of depression at the realization that there is not going to be any reversal or quick solution regarding the catastrophic state of our political reality. We are not going to be (soon) saved by any hearings, investigations, courts or governmental bodies. In fact, many acknowledge that as a nation we are cobbled against any realistic move forward because our warring political factions are becoming even more opposed and entrenched in their own respective belief systems and reality bubbles.  On top of that, every week there are executive orders detailing new restrictions on immigration, health care, reproductive rights... and the list goes on.

Recently I came across a report by the Brookings Institute about what they call the “Clinton-Trump economic divide.” It basically boils down to this—the less than 500 counties that Hillary Clinton carried nationwide in the 2016 election encompassed a massive 64 percent of America’s economic activity as measure by total output.

By contrast, the more than 2,600 counties that Donald Trump won generated only 36 percent of the country’s output--barely more than one third of the nation’s economic activity.

Hillary Clinton won every large-sized county economy in the country. So in reality--not only did she carry the popular vote in the last election, but the people and counties that voted for her comprise a disproportionately large component of the US economy.

Given this—along with the fact that our political parties are not soon likely to come together in any meaningful way, why don’t we take this to its obvious conclusion? We're talking about an “Alt-America.”

The Two State Solution

We would divide the current United States into two separate entities; one that for convenience we will call (the several states) of “California,” and the other which we will call the “Union of Autocracy.”

Consider the advantages. Each of us could choose to pledge allegiance to one of the two governments—whichever one whose philosophy better aligns to our own belief and value systems. Some of us might indeed need to relocate, but the borders of these two new countries could be drawn to closely align with the philosophies of the majority of their resident citizens.

The country thus divided, what might occur next?

The stalwart Autocrats could be relied upon to react in fear and to continue to deplete their already strained economies (barely 1/3 of the US total!) by constructing separation walls, a multitude of detention centers, missile defense systems, perhaps even moats—all to protect themselves from their new common enemy—the Californians.

In contrast, the new Californians (including North, South, East, and Far East—see illustration) will see little need for walls or defenses. The Californians can continue to invest in the things that have always driven the US economy—innovation and productivity—all the while waiting for the Autocracy to collapse under rampant isolationism, militarism, and paranoia.

But the bottom line: as “Californians”—wouldn’t it be great to be released from the current madness? We would be free, free to support universal health care, immigrant rights, women’s rights, transgender rights, all basic human rights--and because of our expanded and robust economy, the funding of these programs would not be a problem.

As… if it ever was.

Please see the Alt-America illustration for details.


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