Why We Are Here

Sanctuary Citizen is a state of mind. When embodied, it transcends the social, political, racial, and economic borders that divide us. By wearing a Sanctuary Citizen t-shirt, you too make it known, "I am a safe space."

In early 2017, the flame of anti-immigrant sentiment in the United States was rekindled by a new administration. A series of executive orders signed by the President during his first weeks in office targeted undocumented immigrants, refugees, and Muslims. This struggle continues. “Sanctuary Cities” such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Minneapolis, and New York City are threatened with loss of federal funding if local law enforcement agencies do not endorse the federal agenda of prosecuting and deporting persons who may be in violation of federal immigration law.

Sanctuary Citizen is born out of a shared desire to live into an alternative narrative. We wish to galvanize the energies and creativity of these immigrant communities. Our team is comprised of neighbors living in the Atwater Village neighborhood of Los Angeles.  In conversation - across fences - we envision a world where migration is no longer criminalized, where the motive to provide security for one's family does not require extreme vetting, and where we need not live in fear of the other.  After all, ours is truly a nation of immigrants.

We make clothing with conviction.  We print our own shirts and other products by our own hands here in Atwater Village with traditional screen printing presses. We use no order fulfillment or third party services. These shirts are made by real people -- for real people.

The items we make under the Sanctuary Citizen label celebrate the stories of refugees and immigrants in our communities. Fifty percent of our profits are donated to benefit organizations that defend these communities, such as the ACLU, Human Rights Watch, and International Rescue Committee.

Thank you for visiting!  You are welcome here.

From all of us at Sanctuary Citizen.